Saturday, 23 August 2008

New Google Affiliate Network Features: Rising Stars, Recruiting Tools and Links UI

his past weekend we launched several enhancements to our platform for both publishers and advertisers. First, we introduced a new level of publisher recognition to enhance our successful Affiliate VIP program. Our network quality and publisher development teams collaborate to identify and champion up and coming, quality publishers in our network. This designation, Rising Stars, is now visible in the interface and we're happy to announce over fifty rising stars have been identified in the network to coincide with the launch of this feature. Publishers who have attained this designation will be presented to advertisers with an icon next to their name.

Advertisers may now utilize our recruiting features (Publishers > Recruiting) to retrieve lists of Rising Stars and Affiliate VIPs in their program, or those with whom they do not yet have a relationship. As a reminder, if you are a publisher and want to be "found" by advertisers looking for new publishers, be sure to update your communications preferences (existing publishers may click here, or navigate to Settings > Communication Preferences) and opt in to "Non Joined Advertiser Opportunities".

We have also released improvements to the features publishers use to retrieve ads from our interface. We have had a new UI available in beta for a little over six months; during this time we've heard from users that it was much easier and faster to find and publish links than in our old interface. Based on feedback from the beta period, we have added some functionality and improved response times. Publisher users can now:
  • View ads for multiple advertisers at a time by showing recently published ads from all advertisers or only approved advertisers
  • Filter the multi-advertiser page by advertiser category
  • Filter the multi-advertiser page by hiding specific advertisers from view
  • View a list of all ads for each of their joined advertisers
  • Filter single and multi-advertiser lists by ad type (banner or text), size, promotion type and expiration
  • All pages include an export feature that will enable the user to save the list, including any applied filters, to a csv file
Bookmarks to the old versions of "get links" pages will be redirected to the new UI. If you have written scripts to retrieve links from the old pages they will no longer work; instead, you should sign up to receive daily automated feeds of new ads for all your advertisers by navigating to Get Links > OrangeLinks.

Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft in Hot Water with India!

The worlds 3 biggest search engines, Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft are about to be caught up in a legal battle with one of the world's biggest countries, India.

India's National Newspaper, The Hindu, has reported that India's Supreme Court issued notices to Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft over the promotion of "sex selection techniques" in its online advertising.

The petition claims that the search engines are in violation of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act, which forbids the sale or advertisement of services that allow parents to pick the sex of their unborn child.

The petitioner of the case, Sabu Mathew George told IDG News Service that "there is a deliberate attempt by these companies to target Indian users with advertisements that claim to help in the selection of a child's sex."

"As activists were able to effectively stop sex selection advertising in the print medium, now Indian and foreign advertisers have moved to the Internet." George said. "Unlike the print medium, Internet search engines allow for very targeted advertising."

Surely, though it should be those that actually purchased the advertising that should be held accountable. Are Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft simply easy and high profile targets to go after? Let us know you thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

How to Make Money From Blogging?

In today's world, there is no iron rice bowl career. One must try to achieve a few income streams, so if we lose our job, at least our secondary income is still flowing in. One of the ways to earn secondary income is through blogging.

1. Set up a few websites from a free provider such as

Some people like to buy a domain and pay for a server maintenance because it has a nicer website address but this can incur costs.

I prefer to use a free provider because whatever I earn from online is a net profit for me. Cost of my online marketing is zero.

2. I setup account at AdSense. This way I earn revenue when my readers click on the ads from AdSense. (My revenue is about US$50/mth)

3. I tie up with a trading company to do marketing for them, this is call affiliate marketing. Whenever my readers open their account from their website, I earn some commission. Commission for 1 standard account opened is US$250, commission for 1 mini account opened is US$100. (My revenue about US$600/mth)

4. Install Google analytics or map in your website to track who are your readers, and how many readers read your website.

5. After setting up your own website, AdSense account and affiliate account, you need to create traffic in your website. Meaning you need a lot of people to go into your website, then they will click on AdSense ads and open account.

a. One of the ways is to join forums, create signature with your website in it.

b. Contribute comments on others people website

c. Write ideas in your website regularly, so your readers will come again and again.

d. Contribute articles in article websites.

The 1st year can be disappointing in your revenue as few people know about your website. But subsequently it will be more and more popular and revenue will increase. Who knows, your online revenue may eventually be greater than your full time job.

See here for full report:

Currently I'm working as a trader in a hedge fund. Previously I was working as a commodity specialist in a bank, advising high net worth individuals and institutions on commodities trading.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Article Marketing Tips - Systemizing the Process For Fun and Profit

People often fail to notice the value of articles. You see, they've worked so hard to have the articles written, but they did nothing else other than submitting them once to an article directory. If you have lots of articles, you should really try to systemize the process and get more profits from the articles.

When you create a system, you are planning for execution. Article marketing is no longer merely about writing and submitting. While it still can work without it, you will get better and more results if you also integrate other different channels as well.

I adapt the four tiers model for marketing my articles:

1. Submit to
This article directory is the mother of all article directories so it is worth mentioning it on its own. I know people who only submit to this directory and do quite well.

2. Submit to 2-3 other popular article directories
Focus on 2-3 other popular article directories for submission. The inbound links from less popular article directories are very insignificant. Adding the duplicate content filtering problem and others, you should better spend your time on writing and marketing instead of mass submitting to hundreds of article directories.

3. Find niche directories
There are article directories in many niches right now. You can submit to them for backlinks and more exposures.

4. Approach other site owners
The last tier is to approach other site owners, asking them if they will publish your content in exchange for backlinks. Approaching other site owners is listed the last but this can be very powerful tactic for article marketing.

If you can get into popular sites, you will get much more traffic from one article because the lack of competition in those sites. Inbound links from such sites are also significant in the search engine's eyes.
Do you want to learn the secrets about article writing and marketing? If I can drive more than 12,688 unique visitors to my site each month, you can do it too if you know the secrets.

Download your free article marketing strategy guide plus 2 free article templates and other goodies from


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